Getting some much needed sleep!

Melissa had a pretty rough night, not much sleep, was in a lot of pain and nauseous from the Hickman operation. But she is doing much better today! We took a nice walk this morning up and down the hall of the quarantined area of the hospital. Her room and section of the hospital she’s allowed in is pretty cramped, but we’ll make do.

Lots of Drs, nurses, nutritionists have been in and out today. Her diet is pretty restricted but the hospital menu isn’t horrible and she will get free deliveries from Wegmans on select items. She had a Reiki session (relaxation technique to help promote natural healing) which helped her fall asleep, and now she is hooked up to her first dose of chemo. She’ll be hooked up to chemo for the next few hours, hoping she’ll sleep through the majority of it. She is gonna kill me for posting a picture of her while she’s sleeping…

She’s in good spirits and staying strong on the way to a cure. Thanks for everyone’s continued support!

Also, please keep Melissa’s mother Carolyn in your thoughts and prayers as she nears the end of her own fight against MDS. Ed is currently surrounded by family for support but we wish we could be there with them.




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