Day +15

Day +15

More great progress on the numbers! WBC nearly doubled again last night and is up from 0.36 to 0.71 and NEUTS up from 0.15 to 0.43. The magic number before they start discussing a release date is the NEUTS being above 0.50 for two consecutive days. The neutrophil cells are the white cells that attack infection.

Fever is back up to 102.4 and she has been sleeping majority of the day, but it has been more manageable. Unfortunately it does mean another round of testing for infection. Also the mouth and throat soars are still pretty bad, she tried some Cheerio’s this morning but couldn’t get them down. Just swallowing fluids is pretty pain-full at the moment. This will also need to improve and should as the white counts improve, she needs to be eating on her own and drinking 2 liters or water daily prior to release. Rash and swelling has improved a lot.

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