Ticking away…

Ticking away…

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day… Melissa continues to progress. Her blood counts continue to improve every day. Her WBC which were at low of 0.03 last week are up to 2.18 today! Her NUETS levels are at 1.81 which are three times higher than when she was admitted into the hospital three weeks ago! The RBC have also increased to 2.61 from 2.58, this is a very small increase but the first time they have gone up on their own without a blood transfusion, so thats great progress. Dr’s said the White will improve first followed by Red and Platelets, so hoping for another Red increase tomorrow! As these counts go up she will continue to improve everyday and get closer to coming home.

Kicking Around: Although her fevers have not been as high, she randomly hits around 101-102 during the day for short periods of time. Its nowhere near as bad as it was last weekend but still something they want to monitor. Every test they have taken for infection has come back negative. She had another round of platelet infusions yesterday and counts remain above 44 today.

Tired of lying: She has been constantly sleeping, like all day all night for the last four or five days. She’ll wake for ten – fifteen minutes at a time then drift back off to sleep. When she is awake she’s having a difficult time telling the difference between dreaming and being awake. I keep hearing stuff like “why are you wearing pink cowboy boots” and “The Dr’s took me out for Chinese food for my birthday” when she wakes up. She’s been off the pain meds all day so we are hoping this clears up a little, as of right now the Dr’s are not concerned. Also the mucositis has gotten very bad. The inside of her mouth looks like raw hamburger at this point and she’s been unable to eat for days and having trouble with fluids and her oral meds. This is common, and we keep getting told another couple days for it to clear up, just need to wait for the body to repair itself. Last little nuisance is her hearing is off a little. Dr checked her ears and did see a little fluid so on some Claritin for that.

Behind You: The Rash and swelling are nearly 100% cleared up at this point! Nausea is basically gone as well and she’s off several meds for that. Pain levels have also improved and no pain meds since 5am this morning.

Home, Home Again: Overall she’s progressing nicely. Her numbers are high enough at this point to be sent home, but they want her fevers and mouth to clear up. She wont be released until she can eat on her own and drink a minimum of 2 liters of water a day. We need to get back on track with the walks as well, we got one in today EDIT: two now, but need to get back up to three a day. Hoping to be home by the end of the week!


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