Coming Home!

Coming Home!

We are officially getting kicked out of the hospital tomorrow! They will start the discharge process tomorrow morning and we hope to be out the door by noon and on the road for home. It’s been a long beginning to this journey with plenty of ups and downs, but Meliss is kicking ass and excited to be going home after 30 days in the hospital.

Counts are looking great, WBC is over 5.6 now! Everything has been clearing up just as the Dr’s suggested they would with the counts improving. She’s eating (well yogurt) and drinking on her own and down to one last IV which is being removed as I type this.

Going to miss the amazing staff here at BWH! They’ve made an extremely difficult process go very smooth mixed in with plenty of compassion, education and lots of laughs.


  1. Ken Lewis

    There was never a doubt in my mind. You’re a trooper and you have received the best medical care possible and you have a great team of friends and family members rooting/praying for you.

    So, as soon as you are able to give Brandon a call and let him help you get all of your systems in balance as part of your full recovery.

    Luv you guys,

    Uncle Ken

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