Mixed Emotions

Mixed Emotions

Yesterday we got some great news, I have a confirmed donor and an official date, on Christmas Day I will be getting my bone marrow transplant!


This is great news as its a 100% match from a 29 yo female donor and the beginning to a cure.  Although I’m scared – chemo, transplant, extended hospital visit, side effects, a long long recovery quarantined at home while my immune system rebuilds itself over the next year… I’m grateful to have a donor but didn’t expect this to progress so quickly.



  1. Vivian Davis

    You are so brave Melissa! THIS HAS been a unknown road for you with alot of questions. There is a wonderful person that is giving you a gift of herself so you can heal. We are grateful for her gift to you and all of us! You are an inspiration for all that you have been through. We love you and will be there for you every step of the way! There are great days ahead!

  2. Donna

    Thats Great News, melissa!!!!
    100% match, diesnt happen often.
    It will a hard yeAr…. YOU’VE got a lot of people cheering you on & a Beautiful family to live for.
    What a wonderful gift to be given on christmas Day,
    You will in my thoughts & prayers.
    Be strong!!’

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