Andrew (Nephew)

Andrew (Nephew)

The first time I know that I met my Aunt Melissa was apparently at her wedding with my Uncle and I’m not going to lie the only reason I know even that is because my mom told me. So first this is a very very belated congratulations! Back to all seriousness, my Aunt Melissa is one of the most important and best people in my life. When I think of being an adult it sounds really boring and something I am not looking forward too, but she changes that. She always finds a way to laugh and makes any situation a fun one. She instantly makes the room feel happier and better as soon as she enters and every memory I have of her she is smiling. Even through all the craziness of my family, she still finds a way to just be happy. I couldn’t imagine any holiday or family get together without her.

That’s me in the bottom-left

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