Day +14

Day +14

Melissa continues to progress. Fever has been low to normal the last few days, swelling is getting better and the rash is turning from red to brown which the Dr’s said that means it has hit its peak and is beginning to clear.

Mucositis, mouth and throat soars are pretty bad and she’s unable to eat and in a lot of pain. She’s getting all her fluids and nutrients via IV for now and eventually once the WBC is high enough the body tends to repair these areas first. She’s on extra pain meds which are making her sleep most of the day.

We were able to take a walk last night, was the first since the fevers started last Thursday. Also PT was here today and did some chair exercises with her.

White Blood counts continue to rise, up to 0.36, so they doubled again overnight! She had platelet and another blood infusion today and will get another HGF shot around 5pm.

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